excerpts from Human Being

Excerpt from Human Being

Here is an excerpt from Human Being where the Being sees "love" in action.........


There is one aspect of being a human being on Planet Earth which makes the humans unique in the Universe and that is the emotion called "love". Let me show you an example of love in action.

Location - Rome, Italy:  A teenage boy and girl walking through a park

The two teenagers walked hand in hand under a row of sycamore trees that lined the walkway. Antonio was nineteen and Flavia eighteen. They had known each other for the past five months and were rapidly falling in love. Birds were singing and flying about amongst the branches, which had the first blossoms of spring growing from their buds. In the distance you could hear the noise of the Rome traffic with horns beeping every few seconds. But Antonio and Flavia were oblivious to those sounds. They came to a bench and sat down. Antonio looked into Flavia's eyes and said, "You coming into my life has changed me for good!" Flavia looked back at him and kissed him gently on his lips. "I love you forever, Antonio!" A shudder went through his body on hearing those words. They kissed passionately and then stopped to look into each other's eyes again. Then they hugged each other tightly. Neither of them had ever experienced anything like this before, although they had both been out with members of the opposite sex before. This love that they were feeling was completely overwhelming. They both hoped that it would never end.

Love is the most powerful emotion that human beings have inside them which affects everything that they do. There are all sorts of love emotions that the humans have which show themselves in various ways, but the main emotion of love works like this. It is a connection of well-being and positive vibrations of emotional energy that is passed from one human being to another. This means that the human being has the utmost respect and admiration for the other human being and will do anything to please them and make them happy. This state of being is known to the humans as "being in love" which you have just seen in the event capture. When this occurs mutually between two humans, this is one of the best feelings or emotions that human beings can have. This human experience can last a human lifetime or it can be for just a short while. It all depends on how much each human being is committed to the other human being. 

Sometimes the emotion of love can be shown in other ways, such as a human parent loving their child or their pet,  or a human being loving an activity that it practises, or a place on Earth that it visits, or a food that it eats. In fact, loving something or someone can make the human being have a feeling called "happiness" which is the state that all human beings once were in, but at this time in their history, very few have that feeling. Instead, many human beings are in a state of mind which is just the opposite of that and is called "unhappiness" or "sadness". This has a lot to do with all that they see happening on Planet Earth, which I will tell you about in the rest of my report. It is the opposite emotion to love and this too can also affect many human beings.