Terry Edwards

Terry Edwards Biography

Terry was naturally psychic as a child, as were many of his relatives. He grew up seeing the spirit as a reality, something benign and loving. At the age of ten he developed an interest in science coupled with a spiritual perspective. He later obtained degrees in physics and information science. He trained as a medium and healer in the Seventies. Although strong at times, his psychic abilities were too inconsistent to pursue but a useful preparation for later work. He has had a variety of professional jobs, mostly administrative work connected to science. He briefly studied systems analysis but, lacking a technical background in digital technology and computer programming, did not work in the field. However, in 1992 he saw a connection between the systems technique of entity modelling and quantum physics. He realised that the universe has a top-down entity structure that partitions quantum digital information according to subjective meaning. He believes that the crucial element in understanding the nature ofthis reality is the role of consciousness. His interest now is to promote the importance of these ideas in a world undergoing fundamental change and a major shift of consciousness.